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Feature Films:
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
(Released on DVD from Walt Disney Studios on Feb. 1, 2011)

... Beverly Hills Dog Show Commentator (2011)
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is all about the power of love and family--and talking Chihuahuas, of course. In this sequel to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Chloe and Papi have just been married in grand style, and they close their celebration by wishing upon a falling star. Four months later, the two are happily adjusting to their new roles as proud parents--something that's not such an easy task for Papi, who often seems to act more like a sixth puppy than a father, and whose stories of famous historical dogs only seem to get his overexuberant puppies into trouble. Papi's owner Sam has been left in charge of all the dogs, while his girlfriend Rachel and her Aunt Viv travel to the rainforest to do some important research. It looks like life for the new canine family will be all fancy dog parks and cute little doggie outfits until Sam discovers that his parents are facing foreclosure on their home. Sam and his father head to the bank to see what can be done, while Papi's brother Pedro joins forces with Sam, Papi, his pups, and the newly arrived Delgado (who's just shown up on his own important mission) to formulate their own plan to help Sam's parents. One dog show and one bank robbery later, it looks like these financially turbulent times will claim not only Sam's childhood home, but also his relationship with Rachel. In the end, both dogs and humans learn some important lessons about making tough choices, the importance of family and love, and the power of collaboration.
Code Enforcer ... Mrs. Brown (2010)
Dave Petty has a proud family legacy of law enforcement heroes. From his Great Great Grandfather nabbing John Wilkes Boothe, to his Grandfather's heroic act during a sniper attack on a college campus, Dave's forefathers were exceptional men of action. But Dave finds himself entrenched in the job of neighborhood Code Enforcer, spending his days in the snooty gated community of Lakefield Hills, making sure that trash receptacles are brought in from the curb on time, and grass does not grow past three and one quarter inches in height. But this year the Governor is nominating an outstanding law enforcement official to the Texas Ranger's Academy, and he's choosing one from Dave's region. Dave needs to impress the governor by collecting more citations than any other Code Enforcer in the area - which he can do by harpooning the great white whale of code violators - local restaurateur and tactless sleezeball Rocco Panella.
Boy Toy ... Barbra (2010)
Jake: an unsuccessful - yet well endowed - underwear model in L.A, who finds a lucrative new line of work as a platonic escort for women of a certain age. But, just as he finds himself a deep-pocketed "sugar mama" in Barbra, he meets Norah: a stunning and laid back Yoga instructor. As Jake's success blooms, so does his love life; leading him to a crossroad that will change everything.
Life's A Beach ... Felicia Wald (2010)
Darren gets stood up on the day of his wedding and uses his vacation tickets with his best friend, RJ, to spend his "honeymoon" at a Club Med-style resort.
The Steamroom ... Sheila (2010)
Four men discover the importance of friendship when one is faced with a life-altering decision.
Spring Break '83 ... Mouth's Mother (2010)
The Z-Rows, four friends who are bullied by their graduating high school class find revenge against the now freshman college students while on spring break during 1983
The Sno-Cone Stand, Inc. ... Cathy Wanton (2008)
The Sno Cone Stand is a light-hearted Austin Original Comedy about three twenty-something stock broker trainees who hate their jobs and their self-absorbed boss at Miller-Stinch Financial. They will try just about anything, including selling snow cones, "to climb their way down the corporate ladder." Sonny Mctard, the lovable loser with salesman syndrome, and grand ideas for Starbucks-like success, ignores the good advice of his logical friend, Juan Sanchez Hernandez Martinez, and convinces his womanizing jock friend, Tony Romper, to join him in what turns out to be a hilarious summer adventure of non-stop travesties, leading them to find friendship and success on their own terms.
Shock To The System
(Released on DVD from Regent on Feb. 13, 2007)
... Phyllis Hale  (2006)
When hard boiled private eye Donald Strachey finds his latest client dead, an apparent suicide, Albany’s favorite gay detective smells a rat and decides to take matters into his own hands. 
With the help of his straight-laced but adoring husband Tim Callahan and his occasionally too-eager assistant Kenny Kwon, Strachey’s investigation leads him on a dark and dangerous trail into the world of "gay conversion therapy" - a twisted mix of psychology and religion designed by Dr. Trevor Cornell to turn homosexuals "straight."  
Knuckle Sandwich  
(Released on DVD from Westlake Ent. on April 10, 2007)
... Carter's Mom  (2004)
A high school football hero who has it all: a high-paying job, a penthouse and a hot girlfriend. Then he gets fired and catches his girlfriend cheating on the same day. So he heads back to Georgia to get some advice from his parents (Fairchild and O’Hurley). Of course, he reunites with his old buddies and an old flame.
Arizona Summer
(Released on DVD from Allumination Filmworks on July 22, 2008)
...  Debbie Butler   (2003)
A family oriented story revolving around Brent Butler, a wiser-than-his years youngster. A modern day Tom Sawyer. The majority of the story takes place at a boys and girls camp owned and operated by Travers,  who has spent a lifetime of quietly helping adolescents become confident young adults. In addition to the full gamut of camp activities, adventures, practical jokes, and conflict resolution there is the underling theme that bolsters the importance of a positive father-son relationship.
I Was A Teenage Faust ...  Babylonia   (2001)  
15 year old Brendan Willy hates himself for being un-cool when he falls in love with the girl of his dreams. Enter Mr. Five, a no good tempter from hell, which in his last attempt to ensnare a soul before being fried for eternity, transforms Brendan into the coolest kid in Indiana, only to find out that this contract isn't going to be easy at all.
Jungle Juice ...  Felicia  (2001)
Teddy Bears' Picnic ...  Courtney Vandermint   (2001)
For fifty-one weeks a year, they run the country. For one week, they run amok.
Unshackled .. Mrs. Miller (2000) 
Told in a somewhat heavy handed manner, we see how an individual can rise above his past, and indeed himself, to become something better.
For more information about Unshackled, 
click here
Held for Ransom ... Mrs. Kirtland (2000) 
Five spoiled high-school students are kidnapped and held for ransom in a remote swamp area.
(aka The Cursed)
...  Terry  (2000)
An escaped killer threatens a family.
Nice Guys Sleep Alone ... Lorraine (1999)  
A young man in Louisville sees his dating failures are related to his always being nice. All of his dates end up going with the rude, obnoxious guys. Deciding to change his ways, he goes after a new acquaintance  who unfortunately is tired of the male bores she meets and is seeking Mr. Right - the rose-bearing guy who wants to be nice to her.
Holy Man ... Herself  (1998)
Ricky Hayman, right hand of Good Buy Shopping Network's owner John McBainbridge, is responsible for over two years of very bad sales numbers. He gets a last chance. Accidentally, he and Kate Newell nearly run over G with his car and decide to take him with them. What they never could guess was that G really is the one good man around. Being on the search for enlightenment, G offers his help generously to save Ricky's job. His natural, uncontrollable behaviour soon gets Ricky into really big trouble, but the sales numbers now go up for the first time in months...
Shattered Illusions ...  Angie  (1998) 
A psycho stalks a talk radio personality and her mentally challenged sister.
Bimbo Movie Bash ... (1997) 
A squadron of lightheaded lovelies decide to take revenge on the chauvinists of the Earth.
Gospa   ... Sister Fabijana Zovko (1995)
Criminal Hearts ... District Attorney  (1995)
Venus Rising   ... Peyton (1995)
Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry 3 ... Beth Chaney (1994)
Movie producer Alan Clay wants to make a movie about Dr. Claire Archer and her amazing life story (she's been 'forced' to kill two men in self defense). Claire falls for Alan, and Alan cannot resist temptation, so now he's hiding an affair from wife Beth. When the movie writer's investigations uncover new facts in the killings, Claire senses the danger, and responds.
Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
(aka Virgin Hunters)
... Camella Swales (1994)
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult   ... Herself (1994) 
Frank Drebin is persuaded out of retirement to go undercover in a state prison. There he is to find out what top terrorist, Rocco, has planned for when he escapes. Frank's wife, Jane, is desperate for a baby.. this adds to Frank's problems. A host of celebrities at the Academy awards ceremony are humiliated by Frank as he blunders his way trying to foil Rocco.
(aka Hideous Mutant Freekz)
... Stewardess (1993) 
A company that produces a toxic chemical tries to improve its image via a popular spokesperson, Ricky Coogan. Ricky travels to South America to get a first-hand look at the chemical's effects and finds himself at a mutant freak farm. Elijah, who runs the farm, is only too happy to have new subjects on which to try his freak machine. The very chemical that Ricky is supposed to promote is the one responsible for creating the great variety of freaks.
The Heartbreak Kid   ... (1993)
Mob Boss ...  Gina(1990)   
The last thing a dying mobster needs is a son who thinks money laundering needs detergent.
Phantom of the Mall:  Eric's Revenge ...  Mayor Karen Wilton   (1989) 
A guy called Eric (Hense the title) owns a huge house and some greedy people want to build a mall over it. So they get someone to burn down his house. Eric is badly burned but not dead, and a year later the mall opens. What they don't realize is that Eric is living underneath the mall and he's very angry!
Killing Blue  
(aka Midnight Cop)
... Lisa (1988)
Police Commissioner Alex Glass has been twisted into a sarcastic cynic by the hard luck story that is his life and by his daily contact with the criminals of Berlin's underground. His new assistant, Shirly Mai, is an attractive and conscientious woman who embodies a quality of virtue that her boss gave up a long time ago. They have both been assigned to solve a series of gruesome murders that have been taking place in Berlin's drug and prostitution ganglands. The prime suspect is George Miskowski, a pusher who supplies Berlin's brothels and hookers with cocaine and heroin.
Campus Man ... Katherine Van Buren (1987) 
Todd Barret is an aspiring businessman. He's got what it takes, but what he doesn't have is enough money to stay in college. So he cooks up a plan to make the first ever all male sports calendar. He eventually convinces Cactus Jack, a very shadowy and tough loan shark, to give him enough money to make the deal. Todd makes enough to pay for his education, but what about the money he owes Cactus Jack?
Deadly Illusion
(aka I Love You To Death and/or 
Love You To Death)

... Jane/Sharon (1987) 
A stranger pays Billy Dee Williams to kill his wife. But instead Billy, who is a Private Detective, tells the wife her husband tried to do. When she turns up dead anyway, Billy is suspected. Hopefully with the assistance of his secretary/girlfriend he can solve the case before the police catch up to him.

Sleeping Beauty (aka Cannon Movie Tales:  Sleeping Beauty)  ... (1987) 
Princess Rosebud is cursed with an evil spell that will bring her to her fate. Luckily, a white fairy softens the curse by making it so that she will sleep for a hundred years.
Red-Headed Stranger ... Raysha (1986) 
A preacher tries to bring hope to a small Montana town where an evil rancher and his sons have taken over the entire water supply.
Pee-wee's Big Adventure   ... Herself, as Dottie' (1985) 
In a dizzying mix of surrealism and slapstick, Pee-Wee sets off on a search for his stolen bike. Encountering bums, con-artists, cowboys and more along the way, he finally finds his favorite bike in the hands of a spoiled child actor at Warner Bros. Studios! A delightful comedy adventure for children of all ages!
The Seduction
(Released on DVD from Anchor Bay Ent. on Nov. 7, 2006.)
... Jamie (1982) 
An attractive, well-known TV newscaster is stalked by an obsessed admirer, a TV station scriptwriter, whose obsession turns to hate when she rejects his advances and his moves become more harassing and ultimately murderous.
A Bullet for a Pretty Boy  ... (1970) 
The movie tells the biography of the gangster Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd who started his career young aged when he saw his father die and seeked out revenge by killing his murderer during a fight.

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Television Series:
Fashion House ... Sophie Blakely (2006)
The City ... Sydney Chase/Debbie Tompkins(1995-1996) 
The City picks up where "Loving" left off. After a rash of serial killings, several of Corinth, Pennsylvania's residents move to an apartment building in SoHo. These people have come to start a brand new life. While doing so, they encounter several difficult situations, including another psychopath killer, bombings, and organized crime.
Falcon Crest
(Falcon Crest: The Complete First Season was released on DVD from Warner Bros. on April 20, 2010 and Falcon Crest: The Complete Second Season was released on March 1, 2011.)
... Jordan Roberts (1985 -1986) 
Set in the vineyards of California, this prime-time soap opera featured the conflict between two families: the Channings, headed by ruthless family matriarch Angela Channing and the Giobertis, led by Chase and Maggie Gioberti.
Paper Dolls ... Racine (1981) 
Set in Manhattan, this delightfully witty primetime serial focused on the cut-throat worlds of modeling and cosmetic. Storylines centered around acid-tongued modeling executive Racine, who held fief over the careers of young models Laurie Caswell and Taryn Blake, and cosmetics tycoon Grant Harper.
 Flamingo Road   ... Constance Semple Carlyle (1981) 
Based on the novel and 1949 film of the same name, this prime-time soap detailed the lives of haves and have-nots in the sleepy Southern hamlet Truro, Florida. The haves live in huge mansions on Flamingo Road, while the rest of the characters did anything (blackmail, murder, voodoo) to obtain that address as well.
Search for Tomorrow ... Jennifer Pace (1973-1977)

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Television Mini-Series:
North and South II ... Burdetta Halloran (1986) 
The continuing saga of the Hazards and the Mains. The Hazards are from the North and the Mains from the South. George Hazard and Orry Main met at West Point and fought in the Mexican American war together becoming fast friends. Now they find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War and struggle to maintain their friendship through these troubled times.
North and South
... Burdetta Halloran (1985) 
Based on John Jakes best selling novel this is the story of the friendship between two boys - George Hazard and Orry Main - that meet at West Point. George is from a wealthy Pennsylvania steel family and Orry is from a Southern plantation where his family keep slaves. In the years leading up to the Civil War their friendship is tested as their families interact and hostilities between the North and South increase. Notes: In the book Orry loses an arm during the Mexican war where he and George fight together but the in the TV version his injury is re-written as a limp.

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Television Movies:
Teenage Confidential  ... (1998) 
A compilation of trailers and coming attractions from exploitation movies aimed at and about teenagers.
Into the Arms of Danger ... Diana Adams (1997)
Star Command ... Commander Sigrid Ivarsdattar (1996) 
A bunch of young and impulsive space cadets make their first real flight in space and realize that the attack they suffered wasn't a training mission. They face the Enemy alone and have the chance to save the world, and maybe to prevent the war? Can the cadets conquer the more experienced, stronger and much more evil enemy?
Dead Man's Island ... Valerie St. Vicent (1996)
Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, called Henrie O., is a world-famous journalist and writer. She's invited by her old lover Chase Prescott to his secluded island home. Chase, a wealthy businessman with money woes, hopes Henrie O. can discover the person he thinks is trying to kill him. It seems like she has her work cut out for her. Possible suspects include Chase's much younger wife, his son, and many others.
Based on an Untrue Story ... Satin Chow (1993) 
Perfume creator Satin Chow is about to reveal her new designer scent 'Puppy' when she is cruelly struck down by a rare condition called anosmia which robs her of her sense of smell, and could even kill her. With time fast running out, she begins a frantic search for the only people who can provide the tissue-donations she desperately needs: her long-lost sisters Couderoy and Velour.
Perry Mason:  The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal   ... Alana Westbrook (1993) 
The beautiful president of a cosmetics firm promotes a new "miracle beauty formula" by presenting a birth certificate that proves she is actually much older than she looks. Everyone, including her husband and her lover, are shocked. After a faked burglary attempt at company headquarters, she insists on taking the secret formula home with her. That night she is murdered during another apparent robbery. But the murder weapon came from her husband's gun collection. Perry Mason, an old friend, comes to his defense.
Das Paradies am Ende der Berge ... Irmgard Hoelzl (1993)
Writer's Block   ... Magenta Hart  (1991)
Even Angels Fall   ... Leslie (1991)
Menu for Murder  
(aka Murder at the P.T.A. Luncheon)
... Paula Preston (1990) 
Joanne Mayfield, head of the parental school commission, behaves like a dictator and makes all the other women her enemies. But when she suddenly falls dead on a party after having a sandwich, the main suspect is Susan, who served her the food. The handsome detective Joe Russo interrogates her repeatedly and they become friends. He invites her to help him with the investigation, what she happily accepts - too happily, says her husband.
How to Murder a Millionaire ... Loretta (1990)
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady ... Irene Adler (1990)
The Haunting of Sarah Hardy  

... Lucy (1989) 
As a child, Sarah witnesses her wealthy mother's suicide. Later, as a young bride, she is haunted by her mother's voice and other strange manifestations. Is it her imagination, someone playing tricks on her, or her dead mother's spirit?

Street of Dreams ... Laura Cassidy/Eva Bomberg (1988)
The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood ... Lady Martin (1984)
Time Bomb

... Renee DeSalles (1984) 
A gang of terrorists tries to hijack a truck carrying plutonium.

Honeyboy   ... Judy Wellman (1982)
The Girl, the Watch & Dynamite ... (1981) 
A magical watch that can stop time becomes the focal point in a land swindle.
The Memory of Eva Ryker ... Lisa (1980)
The Dream Merchants ... Dulcie Warren (1980) 
Fictionalized behind-the-scenes machinations of early Hollywood movie-making.
The Concrete Cowboys
(aka Ramblin' Man)
... Kate/Carla (1979)
An ex cowboy and his side kick travel the highways and byways of America in search of adventure. Along with Morgan Fairchild they find plenty of it.
Murder in Music City  
(aka The Country Western Murders)
... Dana (1979)
Escapade  (1978)
The Initiation of Sarah ... Jennifer Lawrence (1978) 
A withdrawn young girl joins an unpopular sorority in college. It turns out she has psychic and telekinetic powers, and she uses them against a rival sorority.

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Television Guest Appearances:
Bones 11/17/11 - (season 7, episode 3)
Synopsis: As all expectant parents do, Brennan and Booth turn their minds to toys in "The Prince in the Plastic." Unlike most parents-to-be, however, their toy thoughts are mixed with murder when a body is connected to a toy company (and to its CEO, played by guest star Morgan Fairchild).
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 3/31/10 - (season 11, episode 18)
Synopsis: A rape and murder helps Benson and Stabler crack a case involving a serial rapist and killer from the 1970s. However, one copycat crime remains open when investigation reveals that the crime was committed by a woman.
playing Claire Lockton in episode "Bedtime"
(Released on DVD as part of CHUCK THE COMPLETE SEASON FOUR from Warner Bros. Home Video Sept. 15, 2009)
4/27/09 (season 2, episode 22)
Synopsis: Chuck is given an opportunity to rid himself of the Intersect but will have to protect Ellie from Fulcrum on her wedding day.
playing Honey Woodcomb in episode "Chuck vs. the Ring"
(Released on DVD as part of Nip/Tuck Season 5, Part 2 from Warner Bros. Home Video on Oct. 6, 2009)
2/10/09 (season 5, episode 19)
playing Colleen Rose in episode "Manny Skerritt"
(Released on DVD as part of CHUCK THE COMPLETE SEASON FOUR from Warner Bros. Home Video Sept. 15, 2009)
... 12/1/08 (season 2, episode 9)
Synopsis: The team encounters a rogue agent, Casey's former Sensei. He's been recruiting former students and getting them to steal weapons and secrets. Ellie must face Awesome's parent who are overly enthusiastically planning the wedding. At the Buy More, everyone competes to be the Employee of the Month.
playing Honey in episode "Chuck Verses the Sensei"
My Name is Earl ... 2/12/09
Synopsis: Earl visits Joy at her new Witness Protection location to return Mr. Turtle to Darnell, and stays to help her make new friends. Meanwhile, Randy makes a new "friend" while Earl is gone.
in episode "Friends with Benefits"
Men in Trees ... 4/2/08
Synopsis:  Morgan comes to Elmo to sing the national anthem at the opening game for Ben's hockey team. After running into Marin and getting swept up by how living in Elmo has changed her life, she decides she wants to buy Marin's life rights for a movie.
Two And A Half Men ... 2/19/07
Synopsis:  After becoming insecure about his age when he can't keep up with a younger woman, a more mature woman helps rebuild Charlie's ego.
That 70's Show ... 5/19/04
Carolyn in "Going Mobile' (episode 6.24)
Just Shoot Me ... 4/22/03
That 80's Show ... 5/7/02
Maybe It's Me ... 4/20/02
Providence ... 3/29/02
Roswell   ... 2/19/02
... 2/26/02
(Released on DVD as part of FRIENDS THE COMPLETE SEASON from Warner Home Video Nov. 14, 2006)
... Nora Tyler Bing in 'The One After I Do' 9/27/01
7th Heaven ... Bird in 'Teased' 8/1/01
(Released on DVD as part of FRIENDS THE COMPLETE SEASON from Warner Home Video Nov. 14, 2006)
... Nora Tyler Bing in 'The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 2' 5/17/01
... Nora Tyler Bing in 'The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 1' 5/17/01
Dharma & Greg ... Jackie in 'Dharma Does Dallas 2/20/01
V.I.P. ... Herself in 'Three Days to A Kill 5/15/99
The New Addams Family ... Lady Pretensia 'Thing's Romance' 1/18/99
(Released on DVD as part of FRIENDS THE COMPLETE SEASON from Warner Home Video Nov. 14, 2006)
... Nora Bing in 'The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks 11/19/98
Touched By An Angel
(Released on DVD as part of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: THE INSPIRATIONAL COLLECTION: HOPE CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment Nov. 3, 2009)
... Jackie in 'My Dinner With Andrew' 11/7/97
The Naked Truth ...  10/2097
Head Over Heals ... Mona DeBois in 'Gigolo Guy' 9/2/97
Night Stand ... Herself in 'Obsessin' 1997
(Released on DVD as part of FRIENDS THE COMPLETE SEASON from Warner Home Video Nov. 14, 2006)
... Nora Tyler Bing in 'One With Mrs. Bing' 1/5/95
Cybill  ... Andrea in 'As the World Turns to Crap' 1995
Diagnosis: Murder
(Released on DVD as part of DIAGNOSIS: MURDER: The Second Season from Paramount on June 12, 2007)
... Pamela Dorn in 'My Four Husbands 10/14/94
Empty Nest ... Zoe in 'Best Friends' 5/4/94
Burke's Law  ... June Ward in 'Who Killed Romeo?' 4/1/94
Robin's Hood   ... Caroline 1994
Murder, She Wrote ... Iris Novaro in 'Murder at a Discount' 12/5/93
Roseanne   ... Marla in 'It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays' 12/15/92
... Marla in 'Stand By Your Man' 11/17/92
... Marla in 'Ladies Choice' 11/10/92
(Released as part of The Complete 5 Fifth Season from Anchor Bay on Sept. 12, 2006)
Murphy Brown ... Julia St. Martin in 'TV Or Not TV' 1016/89
My Two Dads ... '1989' 1987
(Released on DVD as part of HOTEL - THE 1st SEASON from Paramount Home Video July 21, 2009)
... 1983
Magnum P.I.   ... Catherine Hailey in 'Ki'i's Don't Lie' 10/7/82\
(Released as part of Season one of MAGNUM P.I.  from Universal Home Video released on Sept. 7, 2004)
Simon & Simon
(Released on DVD as part of Simon & Simon: Season 2 from Shout! Factory on Feb. 10, 2009)

... Alex Houston in 'Emeralds Are Not A Girl's Best Friend' 10/5/82

Young Maverick ... 'Makin' Tracks' 1/9/80
Dallas  ... Jenna 197
The Amazing Spider-Man ...  1978
Happy Days ... Cynthia in 'My Fair Fonzie' 11/22/77
The Bob Newhart Show ... Linda / Bianca in 'Grand Delusion' 1977

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Audio Book Recordings:
Title Author Publisher Year
Malibu Pat Booth Random House 1990
A Ruling Passion Judith Michael Simon & Schuster 1990
Single White Female John LUtz Audio Renaissance 1992
Murder in Hollywood Ellery Queen Mystery Audio Renaissance 1992
Murder With A Twist Ellery Queen Mystery Audio Renaissance 1992
For Love Alone Ivana Trump Simon & Schuster 1992
Miami Pat Booth Publishing Mill 1992
Notes From The Country Club Kim Wozencraft Audio Renaissance 1993
Free To Love Ivana Trump Simon & Schuster 1993
Hawk O'Toole's Hostage Sandra Brown Bantom Doubleday 1996
Tell Me Your Dreams Sidney Sheldon Audio Renaissance 1998

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Theatre Credits:
Play: Character: Theatre: Director:
THE GRADUATE      Mrs. Robinson National Tour  
SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN    Lina Lamont Pittsburgh CLO  


Ellen Gordon

Promenade Theatre



Chick Boyle

Falcon Theatre

Garry Marshall

GENIUSES Skye Bullene Playwright’s Horizons  
GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES   Lorelei Lee National Tour    


National Tour

National Tour


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